Essential tips for helping children learn better in an online environment

Learning online for children within a certain age group is welcomed with a series of formidable challenges. This challenge isn’t restricted to the children alone as digitally-savvy parents and teachers initially struggle with educational technology since many aspects of traditional learning are not easily transferred to online environments. With the entry of online tutoring platforms and the steady growth of children who are taken to this tutoring services, parents and online tutors must create an enabling environment to assist the child in adapting to the unexpected change to e-learning. Here are tips to help a child learn better in an online environment.

  1. Employ the services of a reliable tutoring platform: This is the first and most important tip. Before getting onboard an online tutoring platform, there are signs a child shows that drive the need for an online tutor, those telltale signs include; poor test grades, a child who is constantly performing below average in tests may need the services of a one-on-one online tutor. Also, a child who is showing an aversion to the traditional means of learning may need a tutor to renew their interest. Some wards also have the habit of staying idle during study time, thereby putting little or no effort into their homework, in this case, enrolling the child on an online tutoring platform will save the day as the tutors will not only improve their study time activity but also provide homework help where it is needed. Once a parent has acknowledged a child’s learning shortfalls, the next step is to find the right platform of online learning that will adequately cater to the child’s needs. There are hundreds of online tutoring service providers across the globe, most of which are equipped with qualified tutors to make learning easy. Some online platforms provide incentives such as a free online tutor, and free homework help for the first month to test the effectiveness of their service.
  2. Avoid Multitasking: children are easily distracted, and learning from home means they are open to a lot more distraction than usual. Parents should provide a calm room for online learning, provide assignment help for their wards before the submission is due, and encourage them to study in successive stages to maximize the effect of one-on-one online tutoring
  3. Great communication with students: on the path of the online tutor, it is vital to communicate effectively with the students as this is the bedrock of professional excellence. Effective communication plays an essential role in the online learning environment. As communication is a two-way street, an online tutor who is proficient in a chosen subject and is great at communication can easily point out when a child is lagging.
  4. Unlock their potential one by one: Online tutors like their traditional counterparts are vast in knowledge in specific subject areas. It is important not to rush the child in a particular subject area that they are showing lively interest. For instance, mathematics is a vital subject as it will be encountered in higher exams such as the IGCSE and SAT, but teaching it towards different levels poses a herculean task due to its complexity. An online math tutor should make sure that a child completely understands one topic before moving to another. The tutor should also be available to provide one-on-one assistance on math-related questions.

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