Online Tutoring Service During The Covid-19 Pandemic

Bridging the gap between the student and the class room in this perilous times

At the first quarter of 2020, the world was ushered into the era of a global pandemic caused by the highly contagious virus referred to by the WHO as the COVID-19. The raging pandemic resulted in the closure of schools across the world, ensuring that a staggering figure of over 1.2 billion children is out of the classroom globally. As a result, the traditional classroom approach of education took a drastic turn, with the characteristic rise of electronic learning, where teaching is remotely taken on digital platforms. Information from research has suggested that the online learning has come to stay due to the advantages it has over the traditional classroom setting, such as spurring an increase in the retention of information and effective timeliness.

The online tutoring industry existed prior to the spread of COVID-19 virus; the sector was experiencing a steady growth which can be attuned to the rise in the number of open universities and availability of online courses from top institutions. The spread of the virus has however, created a surge in the online tutoring market at all levels of education ranging from kindergarten to university. In response to this significant demand, online tutoring platforms such as Prohence are offering premium tutoring services to students in the K-12 grade and higher at an affordable cost.  The platform, which is a US based online tutoring and educational technological firm founded in 2016 prides itself as having over hundred qualified tutors who have provided quality services to their increasing student base in ten subjects.

Although online learning platforms are a lifeboat to education in these times, there are lingering challenges to overcome; one of which is the availability of reliable internet access to students who wish to participate in digital learning. This has singularly created a divide amongst people who have access to these services; this divide is evident across countries and amidst income brackets within countries. For instance, in a data released by OECD,while 95% of students in Switzerland, Norway, and Austria have access to a computer to use for their schoolwork, only 34% in Indonesia are privileged enough to have this access. Also, the divide between those from privileged and disadvantaged backgrounds in the US accounts for the lack of computers in almost 25% of fifteen-year-olds from disadvantages backgrounds as against their privileged counterparts.

In a time like this when the world is paralyzed by a global pandemic, online tutoring has is the epiphany the education sector needed to provide remote learning opportunity at any anytime of the day, with a qualified online tutor to assist the student in any face of difficulty. This e-learning innovation is a lifeboat for learning and will continue to be so after the pandemic.

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